UNIQUE TOPOGRAPHY -> Yemen is home to one of the most diverse topographic features in the world. Yemen’s geography leads to a wide range of diverse climatic conditions, with temperatures ranging from below zero to more than 45 degrees Celsius.

Many types of Yemeni coffee are grown in the highlands, at altitudes exceeding 1800 meters. These challenging growing conditions result in stressed coffee beans that embody an unusually complex concentration of oils that have precious flavors and flavors


It is a well known fact that 98+% of the cultivars grown in the world can be traced back to Yemen. Research has shown that Yemen contains all types of coffee grown in the world.

Diverse Cup Profile

Due to the local climatic diversity, genetic diversity, and centuries-old farming techniques, the Yemen Cup features are as diverse as the flavor wheel. The most exceptional coffees tend to express a bright, complex acidity, with delicate aromas of florals, candied fruits, citruses, berries, dark chocolate, and a distinct wine layer with a subtle finish. The profile displays the size, excellent proportions, and delightful fragrance and aroma.