Coffee Exports

Moka Time is one of the leading companies in the field of developing Yemeni coffee, including growing and caring for coffee trees, then picking and drying them, as well as exporting them to all over the world.

Our own farms produce approximately 1000 tons / year, and also we can produce more than 10 thousand tons / year from contracted farms’ owners.
We implement and supervise all stages of coffee production, marketing and export of the best quality.
We also export our green coffee products to Europe and America, where they are considered one of the largest importers of our products.
We are confident that our products will prove themselves in any market they are looking for in cooperation with partners in those markets.

Our Products

Coffee Green Beans

We provide all our customers with all coffee bean products available in the Yemeni market (red coffee, fresh coffee, fair value coffee, ... etc.)


Rousted COFFEE

The company provides and produce roasted coffee, its production and shipment to all over the world.


Ground Rousted Coffee

The company provides ground coffee, its production, packaging and shipment to all over the world.


We’ll show you how we produce coffee globally In awesome ways

Ibrahim S. Ahmed, CEO